News from the destinations: Croatia

‘ I was born and grew up in Dubrovnik, with parents who both worked at the biggest hotels in Ex-Yugoslavia.’ (Photo of Dubrovnik by Dubrovnik Sati)

NDE: Ivica, it is our great pleasure and honour to have you as our Blog guest just as we announce the date for NDE 2022, especially as you were with us in all the previous events. You know the travel industry very well, working on all aspects of it in…

News from the markets: Sustainable Coach Tour Operator

‘At Toureasy we want to help people balance their desire to have a fabulous time away with the need to stop damaging the natural world they so enjoy.’ (Photo: Toureasy)

NDE: Hi Sean. Thanks for joining us today. Can you begin by telling us, with all the experience you have had in the industry, what made you decide to launch a sustainable coach tour operator?

ST: Thanks, Robert. For my sins I have now spent about 30 years in tourism…

News from the destinations: Sustainability in Albania

‘Albania is slowly but surely opening up a small interesting space for itself on the map of the European continent and the Mediterranean shores.’ Photo of Berat by Tine Murn

NDE: Hi Elton nice to have you as our interview guest this week. Can you start by telling us how you got into tourism?

EC: Hi Tine. Many thanks for inviting me here. Well I believe it came quite naturally. A lot of love and passion for history, nature, people…

A letter from Robert Dee, NDE co-founder to Alec Shelbrooke, MP for Elmet and Rothwell

Members of the British Travel Industry protesting at the Victoria Tower Gardens in Westminster, London (Photo Robert Russell, MD of AC Group).

I have worked in travel all my adult life. The travel industry has given me and my family great personal opportunities, and professionally it has allowed me to support other businesses, develop careers and make an economic and social contribution to this country, and to countries beyond our borders.


New Deal Europe

The exclusive B2B travel market showcasing the very best Balkan products and connecting key buyers with exclusive exhibitors.

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