New Deal Europe Weekly Update on Tourism to the Balkan Region, Week 53

News from the markets: Sustainable Coach Tour Operator

Toureasy was launched recently claiming to be the first and only sustainable coach tour operator in Europe. It was founded by this week’s guest, Sean Taggart, former Chair of the Coach Tourism Association. We decided to put Sean’s claims to the test and find out how a coach operation can be truly sustainable.

‘At Toureasy we want to help people balance their desire to have a fabulous time away with the need to stop damaging the natural world they so enjoy.’ (Photo: Toureasy)
‘Our decision to launch Toureasy was driven by our love of travel and the joy, happiness and value it brings to humanity, but now set within the context of the global climate emergency and the urgent need for travel to be more responsible.’ (Graphics: Toureasy)

At Toureasy we want to lead the way and that means breaking new ground.

‘The only direction of travel is more, not less and I cannot imagine a scenario where anyone would credibly argue that sustainability will not be an issue in 5 to 10 years’ time.’ (Photo of Sean Taggart at the British Tourism & Travel Show: Toureasy Facebook)

At Toureasy our holidays are no more expensive than those of other operators and they are deliberately affordable for all.

‘We also need to show that responsibility is not only ‘just what we do’ but also something that creates great holidays and delivers exceptional results.’ (Photo Toureasy)
‘As people start to travel with us, it will also help that when they return home they will get an electronic certificate confirming the amount of carbon that they have personally helped remove from the atmosphere.’ (Graphic: Toureasy)

People want a slower paced experience and a closer bond with nature and that is something the Balkans are certainly ideally placed for.

‘Great example from the New Deal Europe region is Ljubljana. It scores high on liveability, green credentials, and appears to be doing a great job of managing visitor impact and encouraging product diversification.’ (Photo of Ljubljana by A Sedovsek for
‘There are good examples of cities setting themselves up to have more chance of succeeding — e.g. Athens.’ (Photo: R Dee)
‘We want to show people that being responsible can be fun!’ Sean Taggart is the former Chair of the Coach Tourism Association and founder of Toureasy.